Here is a collection of text I enjoyed and inspire me.

I write about technologies, personal reflections, philosophy of religion, ideas in classical text, cold-war history.

Note: Some blogs are still being migrated.

How Cohere uses Ray along with JAX and TPUv4 to train Large Language Models

Dec 2022

Blog I helped write at Anyscale. The FAX system at Cohere enables distributed training of Large Language Model using JAX's pjit tensor parallelism, TPUv4s' pods of accelerators with high-speed interconnect, and Ray's powerful yet simple worker orchestration.

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RayRTC: Applying Ray (Large-Scale Distributed Compute Engine for ML) to ByteDances’ NLP Workloads

Jul 2022

Blog I helped write at Anyscale. This explains how ByteDances uses Ray Dataset and Train to build their NLP pipeline for products such as TikTok.

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Hegel: The Realization of Moral Instruction via Folk Religion

Dec 2021

In Hegel’s “The Tübingen Essay”, Hegel proposes the importance of folk religion, which itself is constituted “with respect to ceremonies”. However, this seems to deviate from German Protestant (particularly Luther’s) thoughts’ de-emphasis on rituals, which is often deemed as too Jewish or Catholic. Thus, does Hegel deviate from Luther’s “sola fide” (by faith alone)?

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Temporal Authority: Contradiction or Unification

Oct 2021

In Prefaces to the Old Testament, Luther explains the causes for the extraneous laws in the Old Testament, showing the impossibility to obey laws leads to the yearning for God’s Grace. Thus, for Christians, faith matters more than following laws. However, Luther in Temporal Authority points out that “True Christians”, although do not need laws, should follow the extensive set of temporal laws. There seems to be a contradiction: if only “faith and love” matters, why shall Christians still follow temporal laws?

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Droid turned Devil

Dec 2020

Serve in heaven or reign in hell? Which is it to be? Roots of Romantic Satanism in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (2012) and its sequel Alien: Covenant (2017).

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First Year EECS Projects @UC Berkeley

Aug 2020

Debug, debug, debug… Somehow it all worked!

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Love and Duty

Dec 2019

How does love appear as a potent and potentially dangerous emotion and force in Virgil's Aeneid and Lucretius' The Way Things Are?

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Yugoslav-Soviet Split of 1948: The “Impossible” Yet Unavoidable

May 2019

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Gadgets I made in high school

Feb 2019

Small fun projects that I made with my peers

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CES 2018: Smart City, Smart Home, VR&AR and More

Jan 2018

What I saw at Consumer Electronics Show 2018

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Shenzhen, the Hardware Paradise

Nov 2017

My Experience at TechCrunch Shenzhen 2017 Hackathon, Conference, and Innovation Tour

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The Marshall Plan: Generosity or Imperialism?

May 2017

“Our policy is directed not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos.”, said General George C. Marshall.. but is it really just that?

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Avro Arrow: An Untimely Legend

Apr 2015

Mach 2, 50,000 Feet.. Why did the superior Canadian homegrown fighter jet got cancelled?

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