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Rent and Save, Lend and Earn

Have you ever...

Looked for something you need for one time use?

Have you ever traveled to a distant town and rented expensive surfing equipment? Have you ever needed an item for one time use? Don’t you wish you can rent these items for a cheaper price?

Had seldom used items stacked in your house?

Have you ever bought a thousand dollar snowblower that you rarely use? Do you have expensive items in your home collecting dust? Don’t you wish these items are put into use?

Lendridge is here to help

Lendridge makes lending and renting much easier than you think.

We seek to reallocate and utilize spared items across the nation.


  • Rent Items

    Our platform allows you to rent items from others nearby in just a few clicks.
  • Reliable & Economic

    Spend a little for using a much more valuable item.


  • Utlize Spared Items

    Let your seldom used items create value.
  • Extra Income

    Make money with your seldom used items.

Platform features

A Reliable, Simple, and Accessible Peer-to-Peer Sharing Network.

Lend Anything

Log Your Items and Earn Money

  • Post Anything

    Post name, description, picture and location of your item.
  • Suggested Pricing

    We will give you suggested prices based on your item and its conditon.
  • Manage Your Items

    You can edit and hide your items whenever you wanted to.

Rent Anything

Find, Chat, Scan, and Rent

  • Find nearest item

    Type in our search bar and find the nearest location of the item you want.
  • Direct Chat with Provider

    Know more about the condition and delivery process of the item.
  • QR Code Scanning Borrow and Return

    Scan each other's phone after you meet up and enjoy your item.

Everything You Want

Maixum Utlization of Everyone's Spare Item.

  • Wide Variety

    You can defintely find the one you want among our wide variety of items.
  • The Perfect One for You

    Find the most economic/powerful/attractive item via product details.
  • Community Wishlist

    You can post the item you want and some provider might fulfill your wish.

Security is 1st Priority

Lendridge is dedicated to protect your personal and item's security.

  • Secure Paypal Transaction

    Every Transaction is processed on Paypal and directly paid to the provider.
  • Full payment for damaged items

    Automatic full payment for damaged items after both sides' confirmation.
  • Customize Pick Up Location

    Customizable pick up location to protect your home address and privacy.

Join the Future of Item Rental with Lendridge